The Key Learning Centre

10511 99th Ave
Fort St John, BC
V1J 1V6

Phone: 250-261-5660

Toll-Free: 800-663-9511

Fax: 250-785-1188


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    Name Position Phone Email ID
    Teachers Add or if you
    are a student.
    Myla Sorensen Learning Services 250-261-5674 msorensen
    Sharlene Kantz Primary (K-3) 250-261-5673 skantz
    Christine Mann  Intermediate & Middle School (4-6, some 7)  250-261-5671 cmann
    Robert Young Gr. 7-9 Math & Science / Photography 250-261-5676 ryoung
    Sandra Giesbrecht Gr. 7-9 Humanities 250-261-5672 sgiesbrecht
    Marie Young Intake Counsellor (10-12) / Adult 250-261-5670 myoung
    Clerical Add or if you
    are a student.
    Shelly Baker Reception 250-261-5667 sbaker
    Noreen Caslick Registrations 250-261-5663 ncaslick
    Heather Collins Finance 250-261-5664 hcollins
    Shannon Craig Digital Management 250-261-5662 scraig
    Darlene Modde Shipping/Receiving 250-261-5661 dmodde
    Thor Schippmann Independent Schools Project 250-261-5679 tschippman
    Sandy Werle Transcripts 250-261-5669 swerle
    Alex Administration 778-600-0650 Ahollman
    Tech Support Add or if you
    are a student.
    Syed Zaidi District Network Consultant 250-261-5665 Technical Issues Email:
    Course Related Issues:
     Administration  Add or if you
    are a student.
     Norbert Kaspar  Principal  250-261-5680  nkaspar
     Sean Thomas  Vice-Principal  250-261-5677  sthomas