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Activity Zone 0-2


Activities for ages 0-2

Activities for 0-3 months:

Tummy time

Here are some tips:

  • Start tummy time when your baby is a newborn. Set tummy time for after every diaper change. Add one minute of tummy time each day. If your baby gets upset, increase the time more slowly.
  • Talk, sing to and comfort your baby.
  • Massage their back, arms or legs. Gently touch or stroke them.
  • Give your baby interesting things to look at, such as brightly coloured toys or a mirror. Get down on the floor so your baby can see your face.
  • You can roll up a towel and put it under your baby’s chest with their arms propped up in front for support. Put your hand under your baby’s chin to support the head until your baby is strong enough to do it independently.

Activities for 3-6 months:

  • Talk to your baby all the time, telling them what you are doing and what different noises are. Use simple words and very short sentences.
  • Make faces and blow raspberries on their belly.
  • Sing to them.
  • Place them on the floor on their tummy in a safe place for short periods of play.
  • Place them on the floor without a nappy to allow them the freedom to kick.
  • Provide them with bright objects to look at and place some within reaching distance so that they can accidentally touch them initially and then try to touch them again.
  • Provide them with a variety of things to do and either change what they are looking at or move them to a different spot so they have something else to look at.

Activities for 6-9 months:

  • Look into their eyes and chat with them.
  • Have them lie on their belly and reach for brightly coloured toys or piece of paper.
  • Play ‘here is your nose – her is mommy’s nose’.
  • Play ‘ahh boo’ as you bring your face quickly down to their tummy.
  • Play ‘peek-a-boo’ as you hide your face behind a book or cloth and say their name when you come out.

For 9-12 months:

  • Have your baby watch you hide something then have them look for the hidden object.
  • Play patty-cake.
  • Have them look at or point to a picture when you name it.
  • Allow them to help turn the pages when reading them a story.

For 12-18 months:

  • Have your toddler put their doll or stuffed animal to bed, covering it and patting it’s back.
  • Give your toddler choices. For example allow them to pick between 2 outfits or maybe pick a book out of a few options. Count how many options they have as you point to them.
  • Play music and encourage your toddler to dance and sign along.
  • Give your toddler pots and lids and help them match up the correct sizes.

For 18-24 months:

  • Have your toddler group their toys by either type, size or colour.
  • Do a simple puzzle with them, one with a few large pieces works great.
  • Start practicing doing up snaps and zippers – start the zip for them.
  • Recite nursery rhymes to them and encourage them to join along.






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