Non-Graduated Adult Program

Adults who have not graduated (non-graduated adults) may take courses leading to the British Columbia Certificate of Graduation (the Dogwood) or leading to the Adult Graduation Diploma (the Adult Dogwood).

Adults who have graduated (graduated adults) may take specific courses tuition-free under certain conditions.

Students are eligible to enter the adult graduation program at 18 years of age. School staff should encourage students to work toward a graduation diploma, ensure that they understand the requirements for graduation, and provide them with guidance in planning and course selection.

Adults eligible to take tuition-free courses must meet a number of conditions.  They must be:

  • ordinarily resident in B.C
  • enrolled in the school district
  • taking the courses— under the supervision of, assessed and evaluated by an employee of the Board of Education who is certified by the Teacher Regulation Branch.

Schools must report credits earned by students to the Ministry for entry on student transcripts, and to incorporate the calculation of graduation eligibility for non-graduated adults.

To earn the Adult Graduation Diploma, an adult student must, either through enrolment or assigned credit through prior learning assessment, complete or obtain at least 3 courses after being admitted in an adult program.

Students working toward the Adult Dogwood may carry over two eligible courses taken before they began the adult program. They may take courses from either colleges or school districts, or they can use qualifying courses from both systems and combine the attained credits to satisfy the Adult Graduation Program requirements.

Course Requirements:

To graduate with a British Columbia Adult Graduation Diploma, an adult student must earn at least:

  1. 20 credits in the secondary system; or

  2. 5 courses in the post-secondary system; or

  3. a combination of the above.

An adult student must

  1. earn four credits in a Language Arts 12 course that meets the Language Arts requirements in the Course Registry or successfully complete one College or ABE qualifying course in the English subject area at either the provincial or postsecondary Level;

  2. earn 4 credits in a Mathematics 11, Mathematics 12 course that meets the mathematics requirements in the Course Registry or successfully complete one College or ABE qualifying course in Mathematics at either the advanced, provincial or the post-secondary level; and

  3. Either

    1. earn a total of 12 credits in three “4 credit” Grade 12 Ministry Authorized Courses or successfully complete three College or ABE qualifying courses at the provincial level or the post-secondary level,

    2. meet the following:

      1. earn a total of 12 credits, comprised of a “4-credit” Social Studies 11 course or a “4-credit” First Nations 12 course and two “4-credit” Ministry Authorized Courses that meet the requirements in the Course Registry, or

      2. successfully complete one College or ABE qualifying course in Social Science at the advanced level and two courses at the provincial or post-secondary level.


An adult student may not earn graduation credit for Board Authorized Courses or local programs toward the British Columbia Adult Graduation Diploma.


So, plainly stated, Adult Graduation requires one English/Communications 12 level course, one Math 11 or 12 level course, and three other Ministry approved 4 credit courses of the grade 12 level, including Social Studies 11. Your advisor may request that you take a Literacy Foundation course or a lower level Science course to increase your success in completing your Graduation requirements.