Are There Free Resources To Help A Student’s Education?

Supplemental Courses and Learning Resources

Looking for free ways to supplement your learning or your children’s learning?  Here are some web sites & services that might fill your needs:

BC Parent Info / Resources

Great summary page of resources available by BC Ministry of Education supported agencies.

With  a variety of resources available at no cost through Open School BC and LearnNowBC, parents can help keep their children engaged in learning.

While the resources are not a substitute for the learning that occurs through our schools, they provide some opportunities for students to learn at home.

Open School BC / K-12/ Resources

All Open School BC resources are designed to address learning outcomes as specified by the BC Ministry of Education. As a result, using our resources will complement what your child is learning in school. Open School BC has many complete courses, as well as supplementary resources, to provide students with extra help.

Open School BC resources may be used to help students achieve:

  • more practise in a difficult subject

  • advanced study in a subject of aptitude or interest

  • completion of a missed subject or course

Here are some of the resources designed to help students outside of their regular classes:

Khan Academy

This is an amazing resource for all age / grade groups of learners.  Well worth checking out.  You will need to create a free account.

The Physics Classroom

 One of our Physics students recommended this site. Physics 11 & 12.


Has an immense selection of videos in all manner of school-related subjects and learning outcomes.  A search will almost certainly some relevant information on the topic of your choice.

And – obviously – the Internet.

A Google search (or a search using one of the many other search engines available) will find information on any topic you can imagine.  The challenge is to focus your search enough to find quality resources without having to go through hundreds and even thousands of web sites.

Audacity – sound recording software (Direct Download Page) –  Install and use Audacity to make sound files for school work you are doing for assignments for language courses or presentations or … Please submit your files in .mp3 format.