Working in Natural Gas

WING – Course Syllabus

This course consists of four modules. Each module introduces the learner to an aspect of working in the natural gas industry. The first module deals with a series of safety training courses needed to work in the natural gas industry. The second module sets out to give the student an overview of how the natural gas industry works. What is required to qualify to work in the natural gas industry is the focus of the third module. The final module raises issues and questions surrounding the natural gas industry and looks to give the student some basic information to come up with an informed opinion on the issues and questions. The course is supported with a series of learning resources focused on the natural gas industry in British Columbia. Finally, the course is supported with a week long, face to face culminating activity that is meant to give the student a first hand look at the natural gas industry and meet some of the men and women involved directly in this industry. By taking this course the student has the opportunity for form focused and relevant questions that they can ask during the week long culminating activity.

The program is organized into four modules:

Module 1 Safety Tickets – a selection of nine [9] safety tickets are introduced. If the student participates in the culminating week long face to face session in the spring, they will complete the week qualified in one of the safety tickets introduced here. H2S alive is the current ticket offered. Also, by completing this course they will also complete the dGSO (Electronic General Safety Orientation) Ticket.

Module 2 Industry Awareness – a total of nine [9] sections providing information about various aspects of the industry. The modules may be delivered sequentially as numbered or in an alternative sequence, whichever best meets the needs of the participants and the training provider.

Module 3 Career Awareness and Planning – three [3] sections that inform and engage participants in preparing an Employment Plan to find work in the natural gas industry whether directly with an employer or into additional training for a specific occupation.

Module 4 – Public Issues – six [6] sections providing an overview of issues facing the natural gas industry in BC currently. The content is looking to provide a balanced sharing of information and opinions and encourages students to arrive at an opinion based on a fair and balanced look at the issues.

Course Features:
This course was created to focus giving an overview of the natural gas industry by providing a complete, current overview of this industry by using small amounts of text supported with multimedia elements to provide information. Many of the assignments and quizzes are created to provide immediate feedback when they have completed the task. A voice to text typing tool is provided for students who find keyboarding an issue. (It requires the use of the Chrome Browser to make it work.)

WING Course Badge: When the student completes the course a badge verifying courses completion of the course will be assigned to the student. This badge (a number linked to a web site) is something that the student can add to their resume as a credential indicating that they have taken the course and have learnt some basic information about the natural gas industry.

Culminating Activity: Students are strongly encouraged (not required) to participate in a week long, face to face culminating activity as part of learning this curriculum. This activity will take place in the Peace River area usually in late spring. The purpose of this activity is to introduce students, first hand, to part of the Natural Gas Industry, training facilities and people working in this Industry. For more information about this opportunity, please contact your course teacher.